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The Nógrád Folk Dance Group was formed in 1975. Its members are high school pupils and adults. Its headquarters are in Salgótarján in the Palóc region. The excellent group has won several awards for choreography, music at festivals. Most of the dances are Hungarian folk dances. The group aims to keep up the traditions of dancing and putting their individual feelings into into these dances. It has always been important for us to preserve our "home" dances, the Palóc dances and to search for and learn the still existing but rare dances. Our choreographers are keen on showing the original movements combined with up-to-date elements. The Folk Dance Found of Salgótarján wants to show and teach dances to young people and children. In our children groups more then 290 children learn movements and dances. These groups have also won several awards. Our music group is the "Dűvő". They give concerts as an individual group, and also play music for our dancers. The leader of the group is Mr Dénes Hrúz. Almost all europien countrues can see Hungarian folk dances at international festivals. In 1998 we won a golden medal at Zakopane, and at the Beszkidek festival in Poland: the best dramaturgy, the best costume, the best manner of presentation, and the best musical prize, in 2001.

The art director of the Nógrád Folk Dance Group is Mr János Szabó, folkdance teacher.
The art assistent is Mr. Norbert Paluch, folkdance teacher, "the young master of folk art"

  • Address: 7 Meredek street Salgótarján 3100
  • E-mail: nte@profinter.hu
  • Tel/fax: +36-32-310-811
  • Web pages:
      • www.ntefan.mlap.hu

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